Implementing a new wayfinding system for St. John Medical Center


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St. John Medical Center, a 50/50 partnership between the Sisters of Charity Health System and University Hospitals, offers a full range of both inpatient and outpatient services. Throughout the years, SJMC has significantly expanded its facilities and health service offerings. Recently renovated emergency department, state-of-the-art heart center, women's services program, cardiovascular services and radiology department have left the signage and wayfinding fragmented and outdated. We needed to develop a complete wayfinding system.


Message Mapping clearly detailed out the scope and complexity of the project, while providing cultural, spiritual and faith-based overtones that needed to be integrated
into the solution. First, we addressed an immediate need for temporary construction
and wayfinding signage to assist during the renovations and expansions. Then, we developed a permanent wayfinding system and detailed implementation plan based
on the wisdom gained from our Message Mapping process.

Graphic illustrating our Message Mapping process and delivered results



• Working closely with architects and construction teams, the system

   would be implemented in phases across the facility

• Have intrinsic SJMC value while complimenting the established
   Sisters of Charity and UH brands

• Provide a cultural, spiritual and faith-based overtone

• Maintain an architectural balance with the ongoing renovations

• Wayfinding system must be adaptable to a wide variety of code
   required, functional and spacial needs

A complete wayfinding system

Leading the way

St. John Medical Center now has a clear, concise, easily navigable wayfinding system established. The system has been integrated into most of the facility and continues
as renovations are completed. Our ongoing coordination with architects, sign fabricators, facility administrators and construction teams continues to keep the process
moving along.


• Established a modern, clear, concise, easily navigable wayfinding system intrinsic to SJMC

• Created brandscape areas within the SJMC facility

• Continued to build brand equity and establish an adaptable, expandable, long-term

   wayfinding system

• Updated all exterior signage to reflect the wayfinding changes

St. John Medical Center has a clear, consise, expandable wayfinding system that is easily adaptable to various spacial and code related needs
St. John Medical Center has Brandscaped areas that build brand equity and visually interact with consumers
St. John Medical Center continues to build brand equity by having a consistent wayfinding system coupled with Brandscaped areas
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