How we made the MetroHealth brand – The Senior Health & Wellness Center


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When MetroHealth began plans to open its new
Senior Health & Wellness Center in the former Deaconess Hospital, they needed everything in terms of marketing. Because it was a new MetroHealth operation, they had no brand identity, no communications plan, no position in the marketplace, and zero awareness. We needed to build a brand that connected with seniors on an emotional level and start from the ground up.



Our goal was to develop an identity, a brand position, and marketing communications plan that brought value to the MetroHealth Senior Health & Wellness Center and a brand that resonated with seniors emotionally. To build preference for this one-of-a-kind facility, we needed to show them that the MetroHealth Senior Health & Wellness Center was a place where they could enhance their life, not compromise it.


Message Mapping revealed that our target audience was skeptical about senior living centers in general. They offered little in the way of lifestyle choices and were viewed
as institutions – not home. MetroHealth’s center was to be different. It would be a
one-of-a-kind community based center for all senior care needs. We discovered that
the facility fulfilled an unmet need in the senior health marketplace.


To establish MetroHealth’s Senior Health & Wellness Center brand promise of vibrancy and fulfillment, we needed a positioning line, one that connected with the audience’s desire to keep active and positioned the institution as one that understood the emotional needs of active seniors.


Synergizing all the benefits together, we created the unique positioning line:


“Helping you live the life you love”

Graphic illustrating our Message Mapping process and delivered results



• Target audience was skeptical about senior living centers


• MetroHealth’s center was truly a one-of-a-kind community care facility


• Seniors all had a desire to keep active and do the things they loved


• The brand needed to be friendly, caring, gender neutral and with
   a sense of community

The new brand revealed

Setting the standard

The MetroHealth Senior Health & Wellness Center was established with a clear branding path and unique market position. The center, with its vast array of provided services and community methodology, was projected to become the model example of a premiere senior healthcare facility for the nation.


• Unified a consortium of health care providers around a single brand position

• Established a distinct, recognizable brand within the surrounding communities

• Set forth a detailed, brand development strategy for long-term marketing success

Created one unified brand position for The Senior Health & Wellness Center
Developed a recognizable brand for The Senior Health & Wellness Center
A comprehensive marketing plan for The Senior Health & Wellness Center's long-term success
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