An in-depth look at the rebranding of St. John's College High School


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While St. John’s College High School had built 162 years of tradition and excellence, it was having difficulty building a brand that resonated with today’s audience. Messages for this coed, private, Catholic, independent school were inconsistent from one marketing piece to the next. In the face of stiff competition from private schools in the Washington, DC area, St. John’s chose Richards to elevate their brand.



Our Message Mapping process revealed a compelling brand promise. St. John’s had a long history of building leadership skills in students. From its ROTC roots to a curriculum tailored to each person’s specific talents and interests, St. John’s helps every student
reach his or her true potential and positions them to lead.


Summarizing the school’s commitment to the individual, the new tagline focused
on a process for results:


Opening Minds • Unlocking Talents • Building Leaders

Graphic illustrating our Message Mapping process and delivered results



• A potential for reaching prospect student population in nearby
   Virginia and Maryland suburbs


• 162 years of tradition with strong ROTC leadership history


• High level of achievement with unlimited academic and after school

   activity opportunities


• Personalized curriculum tailored to each students goal

Here's what it looks like...

The resulting benefits

The campaign, utilizing the new brand position, reestablished St. John’s as one of the leaders among Washington, DC private schools. The school now has a consistent brand position that both internal and external audiences can relate to and the Admissions Office is fielding a lot of new applications.


• Increase in overall student population

• Increase enrollment from the affluent Virginia suburbs

• Consistent brand presentation with new logo and identity system

• Established a long-term path for successful marketing efforts

As a result of our rebranding of St. John's College High School, there has been an increase in student population
As a result our stategic marketing for St. John's College High School, there has been an increase in student enrollment from the Virginia area
We unified the voice of St. John's College High School into a singular, focused, consistent message for both internal and external audiences
St. John's College High School has a clear marketing strategy in place for long-term success.
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